About the Author

Kevin Goczeski developed his theory of a hyper-dimensional universe over a span of more than two decades, culminating in his first book, The Enlightening.  While astrophysicists search for “new physics” to explain mysteries such as dark matter and the anti-matter/ matter discrepancy in the universe, Mr. Goczeski has independently developed a theory that provides the new physics that explains these quandaries.

While astrophysicists are perplexed and confounded over recent data indicating that the rate of expansion of the universe is increasing, Mr. Goczeski explains exactly why that is the case, in “The Enlightening”.  When cosmological research confirms theory, usually that is taken quite seriously by the physics community.

The author’s love of literature and mythology, among other interests, led him to challenge himself to present his ideas in an even more revolutionary way.  He always felt that even non-scientists would be interested in the astounding reality of hyper-dimensional space-time, so he tore up the rule book and presented his ideas in a format that can be enjoyed by the casual reader, as well as the cosmologist or quantum physicist.