UAPs/ UFOs and The Enlightening

A UAP image from a recently released U.S. Navy video

Here in the U.S., the military/ intelligence establishment has been quite forthcoming, recently, about Unidentified Aerial Phenomena in our skies, as frequently encountered by military personnel. The U.S. Navy has long been invested in the phenomenon, and their ships and aircraft have been central to many of the more than 400 reports cited by intelligence officials in the recent UFO hearing held by the U.S. Congress.

A large percentage of the public derides the subject with the argument that it would “take too long” to travel from another solar system to our solar system. Readers of the Enlightening, however, see the universe quite differently. The multi-dimensional Milky Way galaxy model, as described in the book, makes interstellar travel quite a bit more practical, by peeling back the astrophysical dogma all the way to the Lorentz transformations which underlie relativity theory.

Suddenly, that trip from Earth to Alpha Centauri (if you have a powerful enough ship) needn’t take a lifetime. In fact, with a fast enough ship, able to travel in an interdimensional manner, one might complete the transit there and back in a matter of weeks or months, from the perspective of the crew of the ship. It is true that several years may have passed back on Earth while our travelers were taking the Alpha Centauri circuit, but that is an unfortunate and unavoidable aspect of interstellar/ interdimensional travel. Furthermore, there may be solar systems in our neighboring dimensional frames within the Milky Way which are much, much closer to us than Alpha Centauri is.

I chose to write the book as I did, with a science fiction type story as the backdrop to the theoretical postulating, to clearly demonstrate with “real-life” examples (involving the alien Merle and the trio of “time-savers”) how easily one might travel about the universe and come to Earth. And how someone like the time-savers might take that to some extreme relativistic levels, for the sake of long-term observations of their subject (the Earth).

Anyhow, if anyone in the intelligence or military communities might wonder if it might be possible to traverse the stars, I invite them to check out the hyper-dimensional universe of The Enlightening, where the c (speed of light) limitation takes on an entirely new meaning. Read, in clear, simple language, where that pesky Dark Energy and Dark Matter has been lurking. And it also describes what is happening in the double-slit experiment, to boot. And how photons work. And quantum entanglement. And how particles acquire mass at the tiniest scales due to emergent interactions with mega-scale structures supremely larger than anyone else has ever described.

There is a free download available. Just click the PDF link and start reading.

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