Put Another Nail in the Coffin of Big Bang Theory

An all-sky mollweide map of the quadrupole in terms of galaxy spin direction distribution, where the different colors mean different statistical odds of having a cosmological quadrupole at different points in the sky. Credit: Kansas State University

My wife Kim likes to say she is going to get me a t-shirt that says, “I Predict,” because I enjoy making predictions. One thing I predict is that, over the course of the next five or ten years, we will see more and more cosmological studies indicating that our universe seems to have a particular non-spherical shape, as well as some type of rotation.

Big Bang theory essentially postulates a spherical universe, with mass/energy being expelled in a relatively even and spinless manner, from a central “singularity.” Perhaps bubbles of mass/energy might complicate things a bit, but there really is no possibility of the Big Bang theory co-existing with a universe that has a defined non-spherical shape and, even worse, a rotation.

I love these sorts of studies because I have been saying for many years that The Big Bang is a faulty theory, regardless of the fact that it is one of the most widely accepted theories in the history of science. Although Big Bang and accompanying Cosmological Inflation theory is still almost 100% accepted among astrophysicists, some of the latest research out of Kansas State University paints a very different picture– that of a universe with a non-spherical shape of some sort, and one that apparently is rotating, or was rotating at some point. Uh oh, as they say.

Mind you, this is not the first study of this sort. They have been coming out in a trickle, which, I predict, is going to grow into a stream, as more studies are conducted.

At any rate, this is all sounding a lot more like the universe I describe in great detail in The Enlightening (a universe I have actually called a sort of “ongoing Big Bang,” as opposed to a one-off model): a universe with a defined shape, which, again, I describe in great detail, and one that has a complex pattern of rotation, also described in great detail in the book.

Lior Shamir from Kansas State University said, “if the universe has an axis, it is not a simple single axis like a merry-go-round. It is a complex alignment of multiple axes that also have a certain drift.” Reading those words, I think of the structure and complex rotation pattern of the universe I present in The Enlightening, which would appear exactly as Shamir says, from our perspective here on Earth.

Anyhow, I will challenge the reader to look for these indications of specific non-spherical shape, and rotation, of the universe, in many posts and articles you will see over the coming months and years (not from me, but from others). And each time you see another one, you might ask yourself, “What now, Big Bang theory?” And maybe you’ll even remember my prediction here today. And you will be witnessing the slow dismantling of the Big Bang, with each additional confirming study.

If you read my book, which I am offering at no charge in serialized form on this website and Facebook page, you’ll find out exactly what type of shape and rotation of the universe I am talking about. I think you will find it interesting.

See below for a link to an article which discusses the Kansas State University research.


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