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I have some important news which will hopefully be of interest to many.

At zero cost to the reader, I am going to release the entirety of my book The Enlightening, in serialized form, on its website and Facebook page.    More than anything, I just want to get my ideas out there for people to consider, and perhaps the best way I can do that is by offering the entire contents of the book, at no cost to all readers. All I ask is that I occasionally get some feedback from readers in either forum (Facebook or website), and if you like what you are reading, please tell a friend, and please share the posts.

I am planning on offering some additional author commentary from time to time, possibly as separate posts preceding some of the serialized posts. I hope to join in on any discussions or questions on the two forums as we go along. How often do you get to read a book at an easy pace, several chapters at a time, and then discuss it with the author as you go along?

What is the book about, really?  How would I describe it?  Is it a novel, or a science book? The answer is yes; It is a very unique science book, wrapped inside of a fictional novel, with science-fiction plot elements that actually help to illustrate some of the new scientific principles of the universe which are presented. A friend of mine from Indore referred to it as “next generation science fiction,” which is a pretty good description.

Within the deeper layers of the plot, as the novel progresses, the “next generation” aspect reveals itself, as an entirely new way of viewing the universe, and humanity’s place within it, comes into view, piece by piece.  Certainly, if you are a fan of black holes, galaxies, dark matter, dark energy, the structure of our universe, etc., there is much here for you to enjoy, since all these subjects, and quite a few more, are discussed and explained in new ways.  To be clear, that includes the TRUE explanation for dark matter, dark energy, and the structure and evolution of the universe, among other mysteries.

If you are interested in Relativity and/or space-time, whether in a casual or professional sense, I will simply say that you really should read this book.  If you do read it, you may never look at the cosmos in the same way as you did, before you looked behind the curtain.  Ultimately, the book reveals a vision of Relativity and space-time, and therefore our universe, that is far, far more expansive than Einstein himself ever imagined or realized.

For the international reader, there is a taste of U.S. culture, with occasional references such as music, sports, or literature. In truth, however, the human focus of The Enlightening is on ALL people, everywhere on Earth and… well, you will have to read the book.

I hope you read and enjoy the serialized presentation of the book. I hate to even call it a novel, because there is much more to it than just a good story. 

The serialization does not mean that all other posts will stop.  In fact, the serialization will probably be a starting point for new offshoot posts, related to the material covered in the chapters of a particular post, and partially driven, perhaps, by reader input or suggestions.  

There are 45 chapters in the book, and each post will likely consist of several chapters, in order, from Chapter 1 all the way through Chapter 45. Three chapters at a time sounds about right, although we can be flexible.

Please spread the word, share this post, and tell your friends or anyone at all who might be interested to read a groundbreaking book for free, and please discuss and/or post your comments and questions in the forums, and I will try to respond as well as I am able to.  Wouldn’t it be great if, together, we are able to break down some long-standing human and scientific dogmas that have been holding us back, unnecessarily? 

Please let me know if this sounds interesting to you.

Respectfully yours, Kevin Goczeski, author of The Enlightening

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